About Steven's Hope Fund

• The Steven A Hunter Hope Fund was established January 2006 in memory of Steven A Hunter. Steven was loved by all who knew him. Steven’s enthusiasm was contagious and his compassion inspires us all. Steven had a strong conviction to help those in need, rooted in his strong Christian faith.

• The goal of the Steven A Hunter Hope Fund is to provide goods, services, and funds for the benefit of the students of the Portsmouth City Schools with financial needs. Poverty can have a devastating effect on the ability of children to learn and achieve. The fund provides for shoes, coats, clothing, school supplies, college entrance exam and ACT/SAT fees, lab fees, field trip/excursion fees, tutoring, limited eye or dental exams & treatment, etc.

The goal has been broadened to offer services to additional schools as well through Steven's Power Pack Program.  This program provides food for the weekend for hungry children. 

• Two funds have been established to accomplish these goals:  The Steven A Hunter Hope Fund, Inc. and the Steven A Hunter Hope Fund of the Scioto Foundation.

The Steven A Hunter Hope Fund, Inc. is a 501(3)c tax exempt, tax deductible public charity organized in 2008 to assist in fund raising activities and also to provide immediate assistance for the needs listed above and special projects such as Steven's Power Pack Program and the Mobile Food Pantry.

• As well as individual contributions, fund raising will be held and grants will be sought. Contributions can be sent to the Steven A Hunter Hope Fund, Inc., P. O. Box 802, Portsmouth, Ohio  45662.

The Steven A Hunter Hope Fund of the Scioto Foundation is a Tax Exempt, Tax Deductible, Non-Profit fund.  The purpose of this fund is to establish a perpetual endowment fund for the
benefit of these children.  The fund is administered by The Scioto Foundation, which  is responsible for accepting contributions, investing and managing the fund.  Donations for the endowment fund can be sent to the Steven A Hunter Hope Fund c/o the Scioto Foundation, P. O. Box 911, Portsmouth, Ohio  45662. 

• Scholarship assistance may be available from the endowment fund for a PHS graduating senior attending Shawnee State University.

• Income from the fund will be distributed to the Portsmouth Education Foundation specifically to be dispersed for the needs of individual students as identified by teachers and counselors at the school and then upon recommendation of the Steven A Hunter Hope Fund Advisory Committee and to help support the Steven A Hunter Hope Fund, Inc.




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